Treat Edema through Injectable IV Lasix

Lasix is a prescription drug that is diuretic in nature.  This drug is normally given to those who are suffering from fluid buildup or edema.  Lasix can be purchased in pill form or in injectable form (intramuscular IM or intravenous IV Lasix).  The drug form of Lasix is taken orally whereas IV Lasix is injected intravenously.  For fluid buildup that is not serious, an oral type of Lasix is enough, but for more serious cases, especially if the patient has an IV drip, an IV Lasix is given to the patient.  IV Lasix is given for the immediate relief of edema.  Since IV Lasix is directly introduced into the bloodstream, the treatment is more focused and acts immediately.

IV Lasix is intended to be introduced to the body through intravenous injection only.  IV Lasix does not need any type of administering and can be performed either in a clinic or at the hospital. In-patients with IV drip have their IV Lasix introduced through their IV drip.  Using IV Lasix at the home is not advised.  It would be better for the patient to simply take a pill rather than inject IV Lasix.

The administering of IV Lasix should be slow, with a rate of about 4 milligrams per minute.  The dosage being given to a person will be on the basis of age, condition, and response to treatment.  Children that are being administered with IV Lasix must use the child’s weight as the basis for the dosage.  Patients with renal issues can only be infused on a rate of about 2.5 milligrams per minute.

IV Lasix is a prescription drug which means you cannot purchase it without the necessary medical prescription.  Getting prescription for this drug are normally under tablet as opposed to injectables.  Without any prescription, you will not be allowed to purchase this drug is this drug is prone to abuse by some.  There are also certain side effects to using this drug so using it without any proper medical guidance may lead to serious side effects as you will be losing a lot of potassium as well as electrolytes from urination.  The thing is, they will not issue this drug as a prescription only drug if there were no serious side effects involved in its use.  This is why if you need to buy this drug for fluid retention treatment, get a prescription from your doctor.

IV Lasix is not something that you administer by yourself, unless you have been given proper instructions on how to do it yourself.  Nevertheless, it is still wise to have your healthcare provider do the administering for you.  Keep in mind there is an administering rate per minute with IV Lasix and it is important that this be followed.  Not following this simple instruction may mean certain outcomes that may not be likeable.  So instead of trying to do the administering of IV Lasix yourself, get your doctor to do it for you.  This will be in your utmost best interest.