Is Prednisone Generic the Same With Deltasone?

Often times people are discouraged to buy generic medications due to the fact that it is generic. Take for instance prednisone generic. When asked between prednisone generic and Deltasone, the branded version, most people would go for the brand name medication because they feel it is more safe to use. In fact, the price do not matter for them at all because they think medicines with extremely low prices might have lower qualities. Well, it is time to break this wrong mentality. Most people might ask, is prednisone generic the same with Deltasone? The obvious answer for this is a big yes.

The only difference between prednisone generic and its brand name counterpart is the name, the price and shape or color. This article might explain you as well why they are basically the same.

The branded Deltasone and prednisone generic may first differ with the name simply to differentiate each other, with the first one having a brand name while the other one as the generic. Often times, branded medicines and prednisone generic have different manufacturers so their names are expected to be different. But when it comes to the ingredients, strength of effects, pharmacology, drug functions, medical benefits, and expected side effects, they are ALL the same. The reasons as to why the colors and shapes of the medicines are different are also the same, so you should not be confused.

How about the price? In reality, the effectiveness of a drug does not count on how expensive it is but rather on the ingredients it contains. As long as the drug has the right percentage of certain ingredients, then there should be no problem whether it is branded or generic. The reason why prednisone generic is cheaper compared to Deltasone is that it is cloned version of the branded drug. Generally, when the patent license of a drug has expired, a lot of drug manufacturers become interested in reproducing the medicine. From the term reproduce, it simply means all the ingredients are copied – you only have to reproduce them. This is what we know now as generic medicines like prednisone generic. Unlike the branded versions, manufacturers of prednisone generic do not need to spend extra costs for research, lab testing, and advertisements since they only need to copy the original medicine. Thus, the price becomes cheaper. In fact, some of the manufacturers of the branded drugs also produce their own generic version of the drug, so it should not make any difference.

Prednisone generic is as effective as the brand name in terms of treating allergic reactions and other medical disorders accompanied with swelling and inflammations. To get the most out of prednisone generic, follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. Often times your physician will prescribe you first with a branded prednisone rather than prednisone generic. This does not mean that prednisone generic is less effective. Remember that even medicine is business. So if you want treatment without hurting your wallets, then choosing prednisone generic is a practical option.