Furosemide 40mg – The Diuretic Specialist

Furosemide 40mg is a diuretic drug and is basically the generic form of Lasix.  The use of furosemide 40mg helps to treat and reduce fluid buildup by increasing the volume of water in the urine.  The excess water is then removed out of the body though urination.  Although furosemide 40mg is mainly intended to treat fluid buildup issues, the drug also has the capacity to treat liver disease, kidney disorders, and congestive heart failure.  Furosemide 40mg can also be used as a means of treating hypertension.  Most people who use furosemide 40mg for hypertension will require twice per day usage of furosemide 40mg.  Depending on the person taking it and the effect it has, the dosage may be increased or decreased accordingly.

For individuals who have developed fluid buildup or edema, they usually will start with the 20mg dosage.  However, if the dosage needs to be increased, they will subsequently be given furosemide 40mg.  There are many individuals who only require a dose of furosemide 40mg whenever they have fluid buildup and are required to take furosemide in order to avoid experiencing such buildup.

Furosemide 40mg is strictly a prescription medication only.  Even though you can say that the drug is only a diuretic drug, the problem though is that there are some individuals who abuse the use of furosemide 40mg.  This is particular to those who aim to lose weight simply by losing water from their body through the use of diuretics.  The problem with using diuretics as a means of losing weight is that it is not permanent.  Additional problem includes the loss of essential electrolytes from the body, including potassium.  Severe loss of potassium from the body can lead to certain bodily issues such as hypokalemia.  Low potassium levels in the body will lead to weakness and heart abnormalities.

Professional athletes are banned from using furosemide 40mg, especially those competing in Olympic Games.  The reason for this is that the reduction of weight from water loss can give the athlete certain advantage over the other and thus deemed as unfair and therefore is banned from use.  Fluid depletion may become an advantage, but it can also backfire as there are a lot of risks involved in attempting to lose water through the use of furosemide 40mg.  This is the very reason why furosemide 40mg has become strictly a prescription medication only.

If you regularly have edema issues and would like to use furosemide 40mg but cannot due to its prescription only dispensing, you should consult your doctor about your issue.  If your doctor deems that you will require the use of furosemide 40mg every now and then when needed, it is likely that he will give you prescription to buy furosemide 40mg.  The best part in consulting your issue with a medical professional is that you get properly diagnosed for the medical condition that you have developed.  Additionally, you will also get the medical prescription you need to allow you to buy the diuretic drug you need to relieve you of your edema.