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Male pattern baldness is the condition wherein a man loses his hair in a pattern-like manner until he becomes completely bald.  The balding pattern starts from the temple going up the forehead and atop the head, on the crown, with baldness growing outwards until both the temple and the forehead’s progression of baldness meets.  This creates a U-shaped pattern of remaining hair at the sides and back of the head.  Depending on the lifespan and intensity of the condition, the remaining hairs will eventually fall off, making that person completely free of hair on his head.

Androgenic alopecia is the scientific term for male pattern baldness.  Although this trait creates loss of hair, it does not make you lose your hair on your armpits, pubic area, arms, legs, and even facial hairs.  Androgenic alopecia is purely a condition wherein you lose hair on your head.  Not all men though will undergo this hair loss condition as this balding disorder is purely hereditary.  Genetics play an important role in male pattern baldness.  This means if you have kin that is losing his hair due to this condition, say your father, your brother, or your uncles, then there is a high possibility that you may have inherited the trait and that you will eventually be losing your hair as well.

Contributing factors to hair loss is genetics, age, and hormone.  While there are no ways of controlling age and genetics, you can however alter or inhibit hormones to help you with the treatment process of androgenic alopecia.  Most other hair loss treatment relies only on slowing down the progression of hair fall.  These products are mostly used or applied on the scalp.  While this may seem like a direct approach as you address the issue from where you lose your hair.  It does not however effectively treat the condition.

One product that is very effective in the treatment of male pattern baldness is finasteride 1mg. Finasteride 1mg comes as a drug wherein you ingest it to work its treatment magic from within your system.  Finasteride 1mg is essentially that only hair loss treatment drug that treats the condition from inside you, at a hormonal level.  Finasteride 1mg is actually Propecia generic.  If you suffer from androgenic alopecia and want to use finasteride 1mg, you can buy finasteride 1mg online.  You will find a lot of online shops and merchants that sell finasteride 1mg online.  Of course, all you need to do is find the shop selling finasteride 1mg online that you would like to transact with.

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