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Problems with Erection? Try a PDE-5 Inhibitor

A pde-5 inhibitor (or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor) is a type of drug that is used to inhibit, stop or block the action of PDE5 on cyclic GMP which is present mainly in the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels supplying the penile corpus cavernosum.  A pde-5 inhibitor is primarily made for the treatment of male impotence or erectile dysfunction in men, and the very first pde-5 inhibitor (specifically Viagra or sildenafil) was the first effective oral treatment made available in the market for the condition.  Due to the fact that PDE5 is actually also existing in the smooth muscles found in the lungs, a pde-5 inhibitor is also being studied for trying to treat pulmonary hypertension, a type of disease wherein the blood vessels located in the lungs become bombarded with fluid, typically as an outcome of the malfunction of the human heart’s right ventricle.

Men who are aware of what a pde-5 inhibitor is have been familiar with different types of pde-5 inhibitors out there.  For instance, Viagra (sildenafil) has been the most popular and well-known among all the pde-5 inhibitors, but due to the presence of other pde-5 inhibitors in the market these days, men who would like to try a pde-5 inhibitor would have more options. Continue reading “Problems with Erection? Try a PDE-5 Inhibitor” »

Why It Is Better to Buy Tadalafil Online

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been an issue for men who are nearing their senior years.  It is estimated that 20% of men will experience this condition and that this male sexual issue is more prevalent as men reaches or have reached their senior years.  The truth is, whether you are in your middle age or you are already in your senior years, no man will ever want to voluntarily develop this sexual condition.  Even if your sex life declines as you grow older, it does not mean you would want to become impotent.

These days we are very fortunate because we live in an age wherein highly effective remedies for erectile dysfunction are easily available to us.  These remedies come in the form of pills and are drugs classified as PDE5 inhibitors.  The best part about these drugs is that they allow you to achieve penile erection that is useful when you want to have sexual intercourse despite having penile impotence.  Among the different drugs available, one of the most highly sought after is tadalafil.  You can actually buy tadalafil online or you can buy it from your local pharmacy.

What makes tadalafil very highly sought after is that it provides its user a very long effective duration.  When you buy tadalafil online or from your local drugstore and use it, it does not mean you will have and maintain an erection as long as the drug is in effect.  No!  What you will have though is the capacity to produce an erection.  This is actually the good thing about PDE5 inhibitor drugs is that they let you emulate a normal erectile function.  Continue reading “Why It Is Better to Buy Tadalafil Online” »