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Sugar vs. Fat-Free

Believe it or not, sugar may be equally as fattening as fat itself. Before buying your next box of ‘fat-free’ cookies, consider that an ounce of fat might be better for you than any sugar saturated fat-free snack!

All of us should eat less sugar! That is probably big news to a world that only considered fat as Mr. Bad Guy. Ever since we started slashing the fat and consuming those monstrous low-fat muffins and boxes of fat-free cookies and candy, we have actually gotten fatter. Why? Because, we have been consuming these goodies with abandon, disregarding the fact that they usually have more sugar and sometimes only slightly fewer calories than the original products.

Take Nabisco Fig Newtons, for example. Two of the original figs Newtons supply you with 13 grams of sugar and 110 calories. If you eat two Nabisco Fat-Free Fig Newtons, thinking you are doing your body such a favor, you’ll get no fat, but you’ll get more sugar, 15 grams instead of 13 grams, and only 10 fewer calories. What’s worse is that the fat in the original cookie helps satiate your appetite so you are apt to eat only a few. With the fat-free kind, people sometimes eat whole boxes with out ever feeling satisfied. Continue reading “Sugar vs. Fat-Free” »

Let’s Start Juicing!

Getting started with juicing can be an exciting adventure into nutritional delight; or it can be an nightmare of machinery and cleaning and resulting in yet another abandoned tool. Here’s what to look for in a juice machine, and other accessories that will make your juicing more pleasurable.

Have you been the later person or know someone who has? Or have you fallen in love with juicing and find it a remarkable way to get nutrition?

This may help you get started on the right foot. Whether you are juicing for therapeutic reasons such as fasting or for a specific health reason or you just want to be healthier, here are some things to look for in juicing:

First you really need a good juicer. It needs to be able to extract the juice and maintain the integrity of the nutrients. There are several types of machines on the market now. Basically there are four different methods of extracting the nutrients you want from fruits and vegetables. Continue reading “Let’s Start Juicing!” »